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If you are playing Dungeons & Dragons according to the "Old School Rules", each Player Character could potentially have several hirelings and henchmen in their service. Therefore, the 4" x 6" Hirelings & Henchmen Statistic Cards were created to allow players to keep track of their hirelings and henchmen without taking too much space at the gaming table.

The Hirelings & Henchmen Statistics Cards are designed to be printed as 4" x 6" postcards. There are a number of different printing companies that produce postcards (I personally use Vistaprint to produce my character postcards).

The printed postcards will typically have one side that is glossy, and is difficult to write on (this is usually identified as the front side when using the postcard printing services). The other side of the postcard is usually non-glossy and is easy to write on (the back side). Thus, when sending the Hirelings & Henchmen Character Cards for production, it is best to use the Character/Monster Tokens for the glossy side (front side) and the Hirelings & Henchmen statistics for the non-glossy side (back side).

Dungeons & Dragons and Labyrinth Lord arrange the Core Ability Scores and Saving Throws in a different order. Thus, I created a version of the Hirelings & Henchmen Statistics Cards for Dungeons & Dragons and another version for Labyrinth Lord.

To download the Hirelings & Henchmen Statistics Cards click on the links below or on the postcard images, which will open another window containing the full version of the image.

Hirelings and Henchmen Card Downloads:

Hirelings and Henchmen Card Specifications:

The dimensions of the 4" x 6" are: 1835 pixels x 1235 pixels (155mm x 105mm), which are the Full Bleed specifications listed by Vistaprint.

4x6 Hireling and Henchmen Postcard Non Glossy Side

4x6 Hireling and Henchmen Postcard Glossy Side

Labrynth Lord Style 4x6 Hireling and Henchmen Postcard Non Glossy Side