• Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Ulfhednar miniatures painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
Human Form Giant Wolf Form
FREQUENCY: Uncommon Uncommon
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Temperate, Surface Temperate, Surface
MOVE: 12 16
THACO: 18* 18
NO. OF ATTACKS: 1 or 2* 1
DAMAGE: By Weapon 2-12 (2D6)
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Berserker's Rage Nil
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Berserker's Rage Wolf's Rest
INTELLIGENCE: Average Average
ALIGNMENT: Usually Chaotic-Neutral Usually Chaotic-Neutral

There is much debate over what exactly Ulfhednars are. Are they a distinct species or a mutation of human species? However, one thing is certain is that Ulfhednar are not Lycanthropes.

Ulfhednars take two forms: that of a human and that of a giant wolf. Ulfhednars have the ability to transform between the two forms at will, and the transformation process takes between 2 to 8 minutes to complete (2D4 minutes). The process of transformation is a natural process, and unlike magical transformation, the Ulfhednar is unable to takes any of the items they are carrying (weapons, clothing, etc.) when they changed into the wolf form.

Ulfhednars are most often found in parts of the world where the cold winter is the dominant season of the year. Some Ulfhednars live among human settlements, while others live in the wild away from civilization. Those Ulfhednar who live among humans often find themselves in the service of a Jarl, putting their natural abilities to use as elite warriors in the Jarl's army.

It is common for Ulfhednars who live among humans to take a human partner. The offspring of an Ulfhednar and Human pairing with have a 50% chance of having the Ulfhednar trait (being an Ulfhednar).

In human form, Ulfhednars are almost indistinguishable from other humans, with the exception that Ulfhednars tend to be slightly taller and more muscular than most humans (males average 6'-6" in height and females average 6' in height).

Ulfhednars live slightly longer lifespans than most human. Many, who die of natural causes, will live longer than a century.


Weapons and Armour

In their human form Ulfhednars are skilled at fighting with weapons in each hand (dual wielding). Thus, it is a common sight to see a Ulfhednar fighting with a weapon in each hand. In fact, Ulfhednars do not receive any penalties for dual wielding.

However, a Ulfhednar will receive a bonus to damage if they wield a single weapon. A Ulfhednar using a single one-handed weapon will do an extra 1 to 3 (1D6/2) points of damage, while a Ulfhednar with a two-handed weapon will do an extra 1 to 4 (1D4) points of damage.

The breakdown for weapons combines are as follows:

The typical weapons Ulfhednars are armed with are long swords, broadswords, great axes, two-handed swords, battle axes, hand axes and throwing axes.

The Ulfhednar's natural toughness, agility and the animal furs they wear grants them an Armour Class of 7. Ulfhednar who carry a shield will have their AC reduced to 6.

Berserker's Rage (Special Attack/Defence)

An Ulfhednar can entered a Berserker's Rage up to 3 times each day (there must be at minimum of 20 minutes from end of a Rage to the start of the next Rage). An Ulfhednar enters a Berserker's Rage as a free action in combat, and they always succeed when they enter into this state of rage. The Berserker's Rage lasts for 5 to 8 rounds (1D4+4) of combat. However, in order for the Ulfhednar to continue their rage, they must make an attack for each round they are raging. Once the Ulfhednar stops attacking, the Berserker's Rage will end.

While an Ulfhednar is in their Berserker's Rage, they gain 3 to 18 (3D6) temporary hit points. When the Ulfhednar takes damage, their temporary hit points are the first to be subtracted before their actual hit points. When the rage ends, whatever temporary hit points they have remaining disappears. As well, the Ulfhednar received a +2 bonus to hit (THACO 16) and to inflict damage (+2 to damage) in their state of rage.

Saving Throws

Ulfhednar receive the same saving throw as a Level 3 Fighter.


All Ulfhednar will be able to speak, read and write the common tongue of the region they are from. 40% will be able to speak, read and write a second language, and 10% will know a third language.


Giant Wolf Form

Ulfhednars have the ability to transform into a giant wolf at will, and could undergo this transformation as many times each day as they want to. The giant wolves are close to 9 feet long, from head to tail. As a giant wolf, the Ulfhednar retains his or her cognitive abilities and memories; however, they cannot use human speech. They are able to communicate in the language of wolves and other similar creatures (coyotes, dogs, etc). The Ulfhednar also gains the abilities of the giant wolf, which includes the wolf's sense of hearing and smell.

As a giant wolf, the Ulfhednar will gain infravsion up to 60 feet. Also, the Ulfhednar is able to track the trail of a living creature using their sense of smell. They are able to track the scent of a trail up to maximum of 10 days (6+1D4 days). If the Ulfhednar had previously encountered the creature they are tracking when they were in wolf form, then they will be able to determine the identity of the creature they are tracking from scent.

Regardless if the Ulfhednar is in human or wolf form, their hit points will remain the same. For example, if an Ulfhednar has 15 hits points, he or she will have 15 hit points in both their human and wolf forms. As well, any injury that the Ulfhednar sustains will be carried over during the transformation process.

Wolf's Rest

One of the most remarkable abilities that the Ulfhednar has as a giant wolf is that they gain the ability of Wolf's Rest. An Ulfhednar is able to use Wolf's Rest once in a 24 hour period. How Wolf's Rest works is that the Ulfhednar enters into a deep sleep for 5 to 8 hours (1D4+4). During this period of deep sleep the Ulfhednar recovers all of the hit points they may have lost. As well, while in this state of sleep all natural poisons and diseases the Ulfhednar may have suffered from are neutralized.

Hit Dice Adjustments

It is common to find an Ulfhednar with more or less than the 3 HD. For instance, an adolescent Ulfhednar may have 2 HD, while a seasoned veteran may have 5 or more HD. The following is a list of adjustments that are to be made when modifying HD:

Ulfhednars as Non-Player Characters


It will be very likely for the players to encounter Ulfhednar NPCs. These Ulfhednar will have player character statistics and classes.

The following table shows the Ability Score ranges of Ulfhednar, and suggestions on how to generate these Ability Scores:

Minimum Maximum Generating Scores
Strength 11 18/00* 1D8 + 10
Intelligence 5 16 1D12 + 4
Wisdom 8 18 2D6 + 6
Dexterity 8 18 2D6 + 6
Constitution 9 18 1D10 + 8
Charisma 5 16 1D12 + 4

*Ulfhednars are naturally strong and have a 1 in 8 chance (12.5%) of having an expectational strength score.

Character Classes:

Ulfhednars have the ability to choose from the following character classes as along as they meet the class prerequisites (i.e. minimum ability scores):

Class Max Level
Fighter Unlimited
Ranger* 8
Cleric 6
Thief 8

*Ulfhednar Rangers must be of a Good alignment (Lawful-Good, Neutral-Good, Chaotic-Good).


Ulfhednars also could choose from the following multi-classes:

Ulfhednar Traits:

A Ulfhednar Character will automatically receive the following traits:


Armour Restrictions:

In order for an Ulfhednar to enter into their Berserker's Rage or to dual wield weapons without penalties, they cannot wear any armour that would restrict their movement. Thus, in order for the Ulfhednar to maintain the use of these abilities the only armour they could wear are loose fitting furs and smaller pieces of armour, such as a helmets, bracers, etc. Thus, the maximum protection the loose fitting furs and pieces of armour will grant the Ulfhednar is an Armour Class of 7 (this does not reflect any bonuses for a high Dexterity score or a shield bonus). However, carrying a shield does not affect these abilities.

Berserker's Rage:

The amount of temporary hit points an Ulfhednar receives when they enter their Berserker's Rage is dependant of what their Character Class is. Ulfhednar Fighters and Rangers will receive 1 to 8 (1D8) temporary hit points per class level, while the Clerics and Thieves will receive 1 to 6 (1D6) temporary hit points per class level. As for Multi-Class Characters these temporary hit points are divided in half, and rounded down (i.e. an Ulfhednar 3rd level fighter/4th level thief will roll 3D8 and 4D6 for their temporary hit points, and divide the total of their dice rolls in half).

Saving Throws and THACO:

A Ulfhednar saving throw and THACO will be a reflection of their Class Saving Throw and Class THACO (plus any ability score adjustments).

Thief Skills

Ulfhednars Thieves do not receive any racial bonuses or penalties in their thief skills when they are in human form. However, when are they in their Giant Wolf form they receive a +40% bonus to Detect Noise and a +30% bonus to both their Move Silently and Hide in Shadows skills (the giant wolves are very stealthy despite their size). As well, as a Giant Wolf they receive a +25% bonus to Find Traps, but they are only able to Remove Traps in human form. As Giant Wolves the Ulfhednar thieves are unable to perform the following thief skills: Pick Pocket, Open Locks and Climb Walls.

As Giant Wolves, Ulfhednar Thieves maintain their backstabbing skills.


Bjorgulfr Olvirsson, 5th Level Ulfhednar Fighter (NPC)

A large Grey Wolf watches over the village of Stormhaven, protecting its inhabitants from bandits, goblins, orcs and other foul creatures intent of plunder and murder. The Grey Wolf goes by many names. Some call him the Warden of Stormhaven, while others refer to him as the Grey Hunter. In his human form he is known as Bjorgulfr Olvirsson.

Bjorgulfr Olvirsson came to the village of Stormhaven by chance some 10 years ago. Bjorgulfr was travelling through the lands surrounding Stormhaven, when one night when he was deep in his Wolf's Rest a group of goblins found him. The goblins knew what Bjorgulfr was, and knew how much gold an Ulfhednar would fetch in the slave markets. They bound and caged him before Bjorgulfr could wake.

Before the goblins started to transport Bjorgulfr, they decided to inflict injury upon him. The goblins knew that "their prize" had the gift of healing and would be in good condition when they arrived at the slave markets.

Later, as the goblins were transporting their caged wolf, a group of hunters from Stormhaven came across the goblins. The hunters fired arrows at the goblins, and a number of the goblins fell. The remaining goblins fled.

The hunters did not know what Bjorgulfr was, only believing him to be a wolf. They freed the wolf from the goblins' chains, and tended to the wolf's wounds. The wolf departed shortly afterwards.

Early the next morning, the goblins returned to the area with reinforcement, intent on murdering the hunters. They found the hunter's camp and attacked. However, before any of the blades of the goblins could draw human blood, Bjorgulfr arrived as a giant wolf. The wolf torn into the flesh and bones of the goblins, and killed no few than a dozen of these foul creatures. The remaining goblins fled.

When the hunters returned to Stormhaven they spoke of the giant Grey Wolf. One of the hunters referred to the wolf as the Warden of Stormhaven.

As the months past, more stories of the Warden of Stormhaven were told. Hunters told stories of a grey wolf who protected them against a gang of bugbears. A mother spoke of how the wolf guided her lost daughter back home one night. Soon the grey wolf was seen as a guardian of the village, and the villagers started to make regular offers of food and gifts to the Warden of Stormhaven. The villagers sang songs about their protector, the Warden of Stormhaven.

Bjorgulfr Olvirsson, Chaotic-Good 5th Level Ulfhednar Fighter

STR 18/63* DEX 14
INT 9 CON 15*
WIS 13 CHA 6*

AC: 7** HP: 40

*+2 to hit, +3 to damage (STR), +1 HP per level (CON), -15% Loyalty Base, -10% Reaction Adj (CHA)

**AC 7 represents Bjorgulfr's AC in human form. As a wolf Bjorgulfr's AC is 6.

Berserker's Rage: When Bjorgulfr enters his Berserker's Rage his THACO is 12 (THACO could be lower even further if armed with one of his magical blades), and he gains 5D8 temporary hit points. As well, his hits deal an extra +2 points of damage.

Attack and Damage: In human form, Bjorgulfr dual wields weapons in each hand, and received a +3 bonus to damage due to his exceptional Strength. As a wolf, he inflicts 4 to 15 (1D12+3) points of damage.

Physical Description:

As a man, Bjorgulfr is a giant of a man, standing nearly 7' tall and weighing close to 300 lbs. Bjorgulfr's hair and beard are long and unkept. His hair, which was once dark brown, is starting to turn grey, despite the fact that Bjorgulfr is many years away from his middle years.


Bjorgulfr is a loner, and values personal freedom above everything else. He has trouble living under the laws and rules that governs an ordered society, which is why he has chosen to live in seclusion. Despite this, Bjorgulfr has his own sense of honour and is motivated by doing what he believes is the right thing to do (i.e protecting the Villagers of Stormhaven).

Bjorgulfr is a man of few words, and has trouble making friends. Bjorgulfr has few friends, but the friends that he has are very precious to him, more valuable than any amount of wealth. Among his friends he has is the hunter named Hadwin, who is the only resident of Stormhaven who knows Bjorgulfr's true identity.

Bjorgulfr's Dens:

Throughout the lands surrounding Stormhaven, Bjorgulfr has several hidden dens. The dens are difficult to find, and even more difficult to access. In each of the dens Bjorgulfr stores his weapons, clothing and supplies. These dens allow Bjorgulfr to better watch over Stormhaven and defend the village from invaders.

As a wolf, Bjorgulfr has speed and stealth, which allows him to travel greater distances with ease. However, as a man he is lethal in combat, due to his ability to enter his Berserker's Rage and to dual-wield weapons. Due to the nature of transformation process, Bjorgulfr needs his weapons and gear nearby when he launches his attacks as a man.

Most of the weapons and items Bjorgulfr conceals in his dens are spoils of battle he had acquired from the monsters he has slain in the defence of Stormhaven. Among the many weapons found in the dens are magical blades, which Bjorgulfr wields with deadly accuracy.

As a wolf Bjorgulfr stalks his prey, and as a man he sheds blood. Yet, Bjorgulfr keeps his true nature a secret from the villagers of Stormhaven, who believe that their protector is a giant Grey Wolf.