• Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
  • Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures Dark Heaven Legends Line, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015
Kwaigoon War Priestess
FREQUENCY: Uncommon Uncommon
CLIMATE/TERRAIN: Temperate, Wetlands Temperate, Wetlands
ARMOUR CLASS: 8* (10) 8* (10)
MOVE: 12/18 12/18
THACO: 20 19
DAMAGE: weapon weapon
SPECIAL ATTACKS: See Below See Below
INTELLIGENCE: Average Average
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil Lawful Evil

Kwaigoons are a race of bipedal humanoid amphibians, who look similar to Bulworgs. However, beyond the physical similarities, Kwaigoons are very different from Bulworgs. Both Bulworgs and Kwaigoons share the same environment, and the two species are typically at war with each other over land and resources.

Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015

Physical Description

Kwaigoons appear as bipedal frogs, with long and slender frames. A fully grown Kwaigoon stands between 5'-0" to 5'-8" tall, and weighs between 90 to 130 lbs. Females of the species tend to be taller and heavier than the males (females average 5'-6" while males average 5'-2"). Kwaigoons have soft moist skin that varies in colouring from light brown to olive green.

Eyes. Like Bulworgs, Kwaigoons have large eyes on the sides of their heads. Due to the location of their eyes they gain an almost 360 degree field of vision. As a result of this, Kwaigoons have excellent vision and an incredible ability to detect movement. Thus, an enemy's ability to use stealth, remain hidden, launch surprise attacks (etc.) are reduced by 50% (for example, a thief who has a 60% chance to hide in shadows, will only have a 30% to hide in shadows from a Kwaigoon). As well, like Bulworgs, Kwaigoons have infravsion up to 60 feet in total darkness.


In early spring, the mating season for the Kwaigoons begins. Males will fight with each other over mating rights to the females. As a result of competition among the males, the Kwaigoon male population is reduced by 20% each season (this is the main reason why the female Kwaigoon population outnumbers the male population 2 to 1 despite an equal ratio of female and male births)

Kwaigoon females will lay their eggs in stagnate ponds of water. A female will lay up to 200 eggs each season. Within a few weeks, Kwaigoon tadpoles will emerge from the eggs.

It will take the Kwaigoon tadpoles a full year to develop into juvenile Kwaigoons. The mortality rate among tadpoles is high, as the tadpoles are preyed upon by predators, the primary predators being the neighbouring Bulworg and Pygmy populations. Thus, less then 10% off tadpoles will survive to become juvenile Kwaigoons.

It will take the juvenile Kwaigoon another 3 years before they reach adulthood. A Kwaigoon can live up to 45 years.

Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015

Habitat and Society

Kwaigoons make their homes on or nearby the bodies of water that contain their tadpoles. Kwaigoons prefer to live above ground and will construct their homes in large trees or make simple floating structures on the ponds where their tadpoles are kept. The structures that the Kwaigoons construct are small single room buildings, constructed from dried leaves, mud, bark and other light weight materials.

Kwaigoons live together in tribes, and each tribe is ruled by a Kwaigoon Great Priestess, who is typically a 4HD Kwaigoon Cleric (THACO 17, SAVE C4). The Great Priestess is revered by the members of the tribe who see her as an living embodiment of their Dark Goddess.

A Kwaigoon tribe will have between 230 to 500 (3D10 x 10 +200) adult Kwaigoons. There will be an equal number of juvenile Kwaigoon as there are adults (juveniles are non-combatants). Plus, there will be thousands of tadpoles in the bodies of water around the tribe. For every 20 adult Kwaigoons in the tribe there will be a 2HD War Priestess (Level 2 Cleric) and for every 100 adults there will be a 3HD War Priestess (Level 3 Cleric).

In addition, a Kwaigoon tribe will have between 10 to 105 (5D20 +5) Pygmy Slaves. Kwaigoons find that pygmies make excellent slaves, and will go to great efforts to take any pygmies they encounter alive (Kwaigoon will make every possible effort to kill any Bulworgs they encounter, as Bulworgs make horrible slaves and are inedible due to their poisons). Pygmy Slaves serve a dual function as pygmy meat is considered a delicacy by the Kwaigoons (pygmy meat is a luxury reserved for the clergy).

In addition to the Pygmy Slaves, a Kwaigoon tribe will have a 25% chance to have 5 to 15 (2D6 +3) non-pygmy slaves (these slaves could be humans, elves, halflings, etc). The Kwaigoon will keep these slaves as currency to be traded with other evil humanoids.

Kwaigoons go to great lengths to protect their tadpoles from predators. Despite these efforts, Bulworgs and Pygmies are able to find ways of infiltrating the Kwaigoons' ponds and running off with their tadpoles.

Since Kwaigoons lack the means to produce a number of material goods (i.e. weapons made out of metal) they often engage in trade with other evil humanoids, such as Hobgoblins and Orcs. Occasionally, Kwaigoons will use their slaves as currency in trade, but in most cases they will use gold pieces and other items of value they acquired from theft and murder as currency.

Kwaigoon tribes will also form short-term alliances with Hobgoblins, Orcs and other evil humanoids. Kwaigoon warriors are even known to hire themselves out as mercenaries to evil humanoid armies.

Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015


Kwaigoons eat all manner of foods, ranging from plants to small insects to large mammals. Unlike Bulworgs, Kwaigoons tend to cook most of their food, and will often go to great length in preparing their meals.

Cannibalism is a major taboo among the Kwaigoons, and is believed to bring about the wraith of their Dark Goddess. In fact, this belief is why Kwaigoons will not eat other amphibians (frogs, salamanders, etc.).

Certain meats, namely Pygmy and Halfling meat, are considered sacred among the Kwaigoons and are only reserved to be eaten by the Tribe's Clergy.

Outlook and Attitudes

Kwaigoons are lazy creatures, who prefer theft and slavery over hard work. While Kwaigoons do have selfish motives and a self-centred world-view, they are able to put these aside traits in order to function as a group. Thus, Kwaigoons do work well together, and are able to launch coordinated operations.

Kwaigoons are natural bullies, and within Kwaigoon tribes a social hierarchy is in place, whereby the biggest and most powerful Kwaigoons dominate the weaker ones. Thus, the females will bully the males, while the males will bully the juveniles, and the older juveniles will bully the younger juveniles.

Unlike the Bulworg Tribes, Kwaigoon Tribes form alliances with other Kwaigoon Tribes and with other evil humanoid communities. It is not uncommon for multiple Kwaigoon Tribes will work together to eradicate a Bulworg settlement.


Kwaigoons speak their own language, which is similar to the language spoken by the Bulworgs. Due to interactions between Kwaigoons and other humanoids, a high percentage of Kwaigoons are able to speak multiple languages. 75% of Kwaigoons can speak an additional language, while 25% of Kwaigoons are able to speak two additional languages.

Weapons and Armour

Kwaigoons use a variety of lethal and non-lethal weapons, and will be typically armed with multiple weapons. Kwaigoons typically carry a light weight wooden shield, but do not wear armour, as armour imposes severe limitations on their mobility (armour prevents Kwaigoons from swimming and using their leap attacks).

Lethal Weapons. The selection of lethal weapons Kwaigoons may be equipped with includes short swords, daggers, spears, javelins, short bows and clubs. Even though Kwaigoons lack the technology to produce metal weapons, they have an abundance of these types of weapons in their arsenal as they have acquired these weapons through theft, pillaging and trade.

Non-Lethal Weapons. Kwaigoons carry a variety of non-lethal weapons with them in which they use to subdue other humanoids, such as Pygmies, who make excellent slaves and meals for their Great Priestess. These non-lethal weapons includes nets, bolas and blowguns. For the blowguns, Kwaigoons use poisonous darts that causes the victims to become paralysed for 2 to 12 rounds on a failed saving throw. The poison is only effective on creature weighing less than 200 lbs.

Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015


Kwaigoons have two modes of movement: they are able to travel on land or swim in the water. Kwaigoons are proficient swimmers, and are faster at swimming than by travelling by land.


Kwaigoons have powerful hind legs, which allows them to leap up a distance of 40 feet (they could jump 30 feet in height). How the leaping works is that the Kwaigoon could leap at any point during their move action. The distance that the Bulworg leaps is not subtracted from their movement, therefore a Kwaigoon can make their full movement and leap up to 40 feet as part of their movement.

In combat, as part of their move action, Kwaigoon are able to make a Leap Attack. In order for a Kwaigoon to make a leap attack, they must not be engaged in melee combat. When making a leap attack, the Kwaigoon gains a +2 bonus to their attack and damage rolls. The leap attack ends the Kwaigoon's turn.


When Kwaigoons launch attacks, they launch coordinated surprise attacks, overwhelming their enemies with superior numbers. Kwaigoon will only initiate an attack if they outnumber their enemy at least 2 to 1. At the start of a surprise attack, Kwaigoons will leap at their enemies from multiple directions, catching their enemies off guard. Multiple Kwaigoons will attack a single enemy, overwhelming the enemy before they could respond.

Kwaigoon Miniatures, Reaper Miniatures, painted by Mark Tasaka 2015

War Priestesses

Kwaigoons live in a matriarchal society, and are ruled by their female clergy. Only females are allowed into the Kwaigoon clergy. The War Priestesses are the leaders of Kwaigoon warriors, and when a party encounters a group of Kwaigoon there will be one or more War Priestesses leading the group.

Kwaigoon War Priestesses are clerics, and therefore have the same weapon restrictions as the Cleric Character Class (they cannot used edged weapons). As clerics, War Priestesses have access to a number of clerical spells each day as outline in the table below.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
2HD War Priestess 2 1 -
3HD War Priestess 3 2 -
4HD Great Priestess 4 3 1

Saving Throws

Adult Kwaigoons will have a 1st Level Fighter's Saving Throw; juvenile Kwaigoons will have a 0th Level Fighters Saving Thrown. The War Priestesses, on the other hand, will have the Saving Throws of a Cleric (i.e. 2HD War Priestess will have the Saving Throws of a 2nd Level Cleric).


When encountered outside of their lairs (tribes), Kwaigoons will be either encounter in Pods or Hoods. A Kwaigoon Pod will number between 8 to 14 (2D4 +6) Kwaigoons and will be led by a 2HD Kwaigoon War Priestess. A Kwaigoon Hood will have between 18 to 33 (3D6 +15) Kwaigoons and will include a 3HD Kwaigoon War Priestess (Leader) and a 2HD Kwaigoon War Priestess (Assistant Leader).