King's Challenge: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Compatiable Randomly Generated Character Funnel

Area 1 to Area 6

Area 1: Portal Room

The character funnel starts with the characters entering the portal, a large circle carved into a stone floor. When all the characters have stepped inside the circle, they will be surrounded by a field of blue light. A few seconds later the blue light will fade, revealing the first room of the King’s Challenge. A description of this room is below:

The room is in the shape of a semi-circle, with a high domed ceiling. An unknown light source illuminates the room, giving light to a room that should, by rights, be shroud in darkness. Along the walls of the semi-circle are eight stone statues facing the portal. Each statue represents a person, with a youthful appearance, dressed in long flowing robes. At first glance, the statues appear to represent humans, but their features are far too perfect and beautiful to belong to the moral world of men. Yet, they are not elves, even though they share many of the features of the elven race. Rather, the statues perfectly blend the features of elves and men into one, bring perfect harmony between the two races. Perhaps, the statues represent the people who once lived in this kingdom, in ages long past…in times, long since forgotten.

Area 2: Room

Area 3: Room

Area 4: Hidden Room

Area 5: Hidden Room

Area 6: Hallway

Area 7 to Area 11

Area 7: Room

Area 8: Room

Area 9: Room

Area 10: Hidden Room

Area 11: Hallway

Area 12 to Area 16

Area 12: Room

Area 13: Room

Area 14: Room

Area 15: Statue

Area 16: Hallway

Area 17 to Area 21

Area 17: Room

Area 18: Room

Area 19: Hidden Room

Area 20: Hallway

Area 21: Hallway

Area 22 to Area 26

Area 22: Room

Area 23: Room

Area 24: Room

Area 25: Hidden Room

Area 26: Hallway

Area 27

Area 27: Second Portal Room

The characters have reached the final room of the King’s Challenge. This room is similar in appearance to the first portal room (a semi-circular room, with a domed high ceiling). Shortly after entering the room a vision of the Mage-King and his retainers will appear before the characters.

Several figures appear out of nothingness. The figures stand in a semi-circle, in the same fashion as the statues stood at the start of this adventure. There are 8 figures in total: four are male and four are female. Each figure is dressed in a long flowing robe; their features perfectly combines the features of elves and men into a race that is neither men nor elves.

One of the figures steps forward. His age is hard to judge; his face is youthful, but his eyes belong to one who has lived many years; possibly many lifetimes.

“You have passed my test”, the man says with a warm smile. “You have proved yourself worthy of entering a new life. You will undergo a momentous change, as those who have passed my test before you have. Please step forward, and enter the portal.”

When the characters enter the portal, they will feel a renewed sense of strength. They will reappear back at the ruins where they will be greeted by their fellow villagers. The villagers will mourn those who have perished in the King’s Challenge and congratulation those who have passed the Mage-King’s test.

The characters are now 1st level Adventurers, and can choose a character class (unless they are elves, dwarves or halflings, in which case their race will be their character class). The weapons and coins the characters gained from the King’s Challenge will help them prepare for their next adventure as Level 1 characters. So, what will the characters do next? Will they return to their home village to mourn their fallen and spend time saying goodbye to their friends and family before embarking on their journey to a strange new world? Or, will they immediately travel down the new road that lies ahead, never looking back to their past lives? This will be up to you and your players to decide.

King's Challenge: A Dungeon Crawl Classics Compatiable Randomly Generated Character Funnel